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Effetool GH-11412 Quick Release Hand Tool 200kg Holding Capacity Vertical Type Toggle Clamp

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Effetool GH-11412 Fast clamp quick release hand tool, 200kg holding capacity vertical type flanged base toggle clamp.

Quick clip is the use of leverage, linkage mechanism, such as the principle of self-locking through steel stamping,
metal casting and metal car planing and milling processes to make objects out of a quick clamping device fixed object locations.
Model: GH-11412 
Material: HCS / High Carbon Steel

Type: Vertical type

Quantity: 1pc

Holding Capacity: 200kg

Bar Opens: 110°
Handle Opens: 64°
Spindle Supplied: M8x60

Structure: Toggle Clamp

Usage: Quick release hand tool toggle clamp latch

DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Suitable for:  Widely used in processing or assembling the fixed clamping, flip lock buckle luggage and other industrial, agricultural, testing.

– High carbon steel is durable, holding capacity is strong.

– Light-duty plunger clamp that locks in extended or retracted position.

– Oil and stain resistant red vinyl hand grips.
– To provide a clamping force, good grip stability, chuck moving fast, efficient and has a positioning function of manual rapid clip.
– Its role is for a fixed object, positioning the workpiece to facilitate the production and processing, greatly improving productivity.
– It has easy to operate, the clamping force, no moves, no rebound characteristics.

Package Included:
1 x Vertical type toggle clamp
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