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400/600W 12V LED Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine Wind Generator Charger Controller Regulator

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– Material:Stainless steel
– Colour:Black
– Size:Approx. 9×6.8x2cm/3.54”x 2.68”x 0.79”
– Weight:274g
– Rated Output:400W/600W
– Battery Voltage:12V 
– Woking Temperature:-35℃~75℃
– Display: LED
-Comprehensive waterproof protection.
-The LED indicates the working state of the circuit, simple, intuitive and clear.
-The controller can control the wind turbine to automatically charge the battery.
-Automatic brakes and manual brakes complement each other to meet the different needs of customers.
-Charge the use of limiting current limiting control to ensure the best charging effect, while the fans and batteries to provide the maximum protection.
-The controller also comes with MPPT, the maximum power tracking charging function, according to the size of the wind automatically adjust the voltage charge.
-With independent intellectual property rights of the modular design, making the performance of the entire system to be the greatest protection. Whether from the heat, or
reliability, than the traditional design further.
-The controller in the production, testing a variety of links in strict control, the quality has been the greatest degree of protection, the product can guarantee the high
temperature in the high temperature environment -35 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ long-term use.
-Unique reverse protection circuit. Due to improper operation of the battery reverse, do not need to replace the fuse, as long as the positive and negative polarity can be
re-connected (the function won the customer’s praise), so that the whole system to run more reliable.
Package included:
1 x Wind turbine controller
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400W, 600W


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